With its extraordinary history on the stance of digital development, Estonia will also be promoting e-solutions and information society in EU policy areas.
Estonia advocates the implementation of the General Data Protection. “The GDPR will ensure an appropriate balance between the free movement of data and the right to privacy, increasing personal rights while also supporting economic development,” stated Estonia’s Representative to the EU, H.E Ambassador Kaja Tael.
Estonia vows to have an open and competitive digital single market which will pave way for the development of SME’s. European regulations should ensure that European business remain competitive and globally recognised since Europe is the largest exporter of digital services. Despite that being in place, there is still need to expand within Europe and globally. Establishment of the Digital Single Market is expected to increase EU’s GDP by 4% by the year 2020 (European Policy Centre). The Digital Single Market aim at providing wider choices to the European citizens and furthermore create opportunities for expansion of businesses.
Usage of Data has increased tremendously in Europe and almost all sectors in Europe need data for research purposes. However, there are still barriers to free movement of data. Estonia believes that free movement of data should become the fifth freedom of the EU alongside other freedoms like freedom of movement of services and capital. 
Additionally, Estonia is committed to guarantee every person the ownership of their data despite it being stored and processed by a public or private entity.  Under the work on directive on free movement of data, the presidency will focus on developing cross-border e-commerce and e-services for the benefit of consumers and businesses, ensure that modern and secure electronic communications are available to everyone across Europe as well as creating a favourable environment for new innovative services and advancing cross-border digital public services to facilitate everyday life. These factors will work in accordance with other priorities in having an open and innovative Europe, safe and secure Europe, and an inclusive and sustainable Europe.
While addressing an audience at the Hanns Seidel Foundation on 27 June in Brussels, the Estonian Representative to EU, H.E Ambassador Tael mentioned that Estonia will stand for unity in the European Union to increase security. There are all sources of European insecurities like organised crime and immigration. There is the need to put in place a long-term plan which will solve the issue on the flow of illegal immigrants.
She convinced the audience that the Estonian Presidency will look on the establishment of the Digital Single Market believes that Europe is ready for a change of gear. This will probably be the trademark of Estonian Presidency.


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