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“In a direct marketing organisation a business strives to improve
customer satisfaction and foster ongoing business through developing
close, personal relationships. This is achieved by constant contact
at a personal level building a strong bond of credibility and trust.”
Powers Balderstone & Gyles
“Find out what each of your individual customers
want and deliver it to them profitably - one customer at a time.”
Malcolm Auld
“The new direct marketing is an information-driven
marketing process, managed by database technology,
that enables marketers to develop, test, implement,
measure, and appropriately modify customised
marketing programs and strategies.”
David Sheppard
“Any advertising activity which creates and exploits a direct
relationship between you and your prospect or customer
as an individual”
Drayton Bird
“Direct marketing is just another way of marketing, the
purpose of which is to isolate prospects or customers as
individuals, to build a continuing relationship with them,
to their greater benefit and your greater profit.”
Drayton Bird
“Direct marketing is the planned recording, analysing and
tracking of consumer and business direct response behaviour
to develop marketing strategies for current and future customers.”
“ Direct marketing is a way of acquiring and keeping
customers by providing a framework for three activities :
analysis of individual customer information, strategy formation
and implementation such that customers respond directly.”
Alan Tapp

“Direct marketing can simplistically be defined, all inclusively, as the
identification of target customer wants and needs and the creation, development
and distribution of goods, services, information and promotional benefits to targeted
customers through interactive communication while tracking response, sales behaviour,
interests and desires in a database.”
Stan Rapp

“Direct Marketing is an interactive system of marketing
that uses one or more advertising media to affect
a measurable response and/or transaction at any  
location, with this activity stored on a database.”
Bob Stone

“Direct Marketing is a data based marketing method, using
multiple channels, that focuses on acquiring and keeping customers
with the objective of creating a measurable business relationship
based on an understanding of their actual and potential needs as individuals and\or organisations.”
Keith Wiser

“Direct marketing is communication to a
tightly targeted audience that requests the audience to respond in some form. If it’s to a mass audience, it’s not DM.”
Michael Killeen

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